Why use the Tarrago Sneakers Protector?

 When you have sneakers, independently of color or material, one of the most common issues is to clean them. 

 With the Tarrago Sneakers Protector, you won't have this issue anymore because your sneakers will be protected, not just from liquid components but from dust and dirt too. 

 And it doesn't work like other protectors because it will save the natural colors and charaterístics of your sneakers, too. That's thanks to the components of the Tarrago Sneakers ProtectorWater-based - No Additives - No Solvents - No gas 


    Now, don't you use spry's products because of the environment? 

     Don't worry. The Tarrago Sneakers Protector is environment-friendly because of the components and it is Non-flammable. 

    How does it work?

    Tarrago Sneakers Protector works like waterproof and impermeability for rain, oil, snow. No changes in the original colors and characteristics of the sneakers.

    The pump spray has 0% gas, is water-based, hasn't solvents, hasn't additives.


    With what kind of sneakers and materials can I use it?

    Tarrago Sneakers Protector works for leather, synthetic leather, oiled leather, suede, nubuck, fabric, and microfibers, colorless.


    How to use it?

    1. Clean the sneakers (for better results use the Tarrago Sneakers Cleaner or the Essential Cleaner Kit or the Tarrago Sneakers Clean & Protect Kit)
    2. Shake the can.
    3. Spray evenly onto the surface to treat from a distance of 20 cm.
    4. Let dry 90 minutes.




    How to use youtube video: Click here!



     Apply on your sneakers with a cloth-like Tarrago Shoe Duster 

    Not oversaturate the sneakers with the product.

    Give at least 30 minutes to dry, preferably 90 minutes. The longer it dry has better results. 


    Any questions?

    Contact us!