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Having your sneakers ready to go every time you need them is not always an easy task. With time, they become dull, white turns yellow and materials start to crease. To help sneakerheads with this problem, we offer a wide range of sneaker cleaners and protectors to help you keep them in perfect shape.


We offer different products in the sneaker cleaner range, like cleaning kits, shoe dusters, sneaker wipes and sponges or soap for sneakers, among others. Use them to give your sneakers a top-quality treatment, but be sure to pick the right one for your sneakers’ material: suede, leather, textile, fabric, nubuck or even plastic midsoles.


To avoid spending too much time cleaning your sneakers every now and then, we also offer a range of sneaker protection products. With them, you can keep your sneakers waterproof and dirt repellant, avoiding any kind of damage on the shoe without a change in how they look. Our sneaker protection products, as well as our sneaker cleaners, are designed to work in all kind of materials: leather, suede, nubuck or fabric. You can also get your sneaker odor killer, specially designed not to mask bad odors, but to completely remove them. The odor killer is completely transparent and can be applied to all types of footwear.


If you’re afraid of your sneakers getting dirty fast once cleaned, get one of our kits, with both cleaning and protection products, so you can rock your sneakers as if they were new for a very long time. Most of the kits usually contain one sneaker cleaner and one sneaker protector with an additional sneaker brush and a shoe duster, but you can also find more basic kits, which include a sneaker cleaner and a sneakers sponge.


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