In Sneakerscare US we want to help you to be unique and authentic, that's why we offer you a complete range to optimize your sneakers like a pro but in your place. The unique water-based paints will care and protect your sneakers while customizing and repairing. 

What we have to offer?

We have special paints for whatever you need! We count with a complete range of colors and innumerable options to play with: 

Customize, repair your sneakers, or change the color. Whatever you want or need with the Standard, metalized, pastel, fluor, and collectors colors. 

Dilute or decrease the intensity of any Sneakers Paint with the Neutral BaseIt almost can be used as a finisher to protect the customizations. 

Create unique tones mixing some base, intense and shiny colors with the CMY & Pantone for Mixtures range



And finally, give your sneakers the finish you want with the Matt maker or the Gloss maker.


As you see, you have a whole world to be unique and show it to the world, share your customization in our social media. 

All paints are suitable for smooth and synthetic leather. You can apply them with paintbrushes, and sponges. Find special indications in the product package.



1. Clean shoes with the Sneakers Cleaner using the Sneakers Brush or the Tarrago Shoe Duster. You can use the Tarrago Sneaker Clean and Protect kit for optimizing results. 

2. Before painting, stir up softly the content with the paintbrush included until getting a homogenous color
3. Customize your sneakers. 
1. Use the Neutral Base to dilute or decrease the paint tone but no reduce its properties.
2. The applications must be lightweight to optimize the dry process and avoiding cracking. Apply 2 layers if it is necessary. 
3. Let dry 3 minutes between layers. 
4. It is possible to use a hairdryer for the drying process, no closer than 12 in (30cm), just if it is necessary. 
5. Use White paint N.1 previously when use Fluor and Metalized colors to get efficient results.
6. To an optimal result let dry 12 hours. 
7. Once finished the process, wash with a sponge, paintbrush or airbrush to avoid parched. 
8. Sneakers paint can be mixed using the dosing cap.