How do you protect your sneakers?

We know that keeping your sneakers white and clean it’s a difficult task. So, we’ve got the best way to get your shoes protected from any external factor. 

Using the Tarrago Sneakers Protector will prevent your white sneakers from getting dirty. It's the easiest way to protect your shoes in just a few minutes. Ready to try it?
The Tarrago Sneakers Protector is specially designed to prevent water and liquids soaking into your sneakers, protecting them from rain, snow and oil. It also protects your sneakers from dirt preventing any damage on the sneakers, whatever the material they are made of: leather, fabrics, suede, nubuck and microfibers.
This sneaker protector keeps the original colors and characteristics of the sneaker, avoiding any loss of breathability and transpiration. The Protector comes in a 4.40 fl.oz. aluminum bottle and is in accordance with the updated legislation on health, safety and environment. It contains water, oil and stains repellent agents for leather and fabric surfaces. Thanks to its ecofriendly formula, it’s completely biodegradable and respects the original colours and characteristics of the leather.

How to apply the Tarrago Sneakers Protector Spray

1. Remove any dirt or dust from the surface with a cloth or a brush.
2. Shake the can.
3. Spray evenly onto the surface to treat from a distance.
4. Let the sneakers dry for 90 minutes.


    Sneakers Protector


    Keep your Converse All-Stars, Nike Air Force 1, Reebok Freestyles, New Balance, Adidas Stan Smith, Vans, Balenciaga and others as brand new applying the protector.
    Always protect before you step!